Personal Computer Services

Some of the ways I can help with your business network and home computers are:

  • Updates & Maintenance
    Maintenance neglect is a leading cause of system failures and wasted time. Dozens of updates are released each month to improve the security and reliability of the software running your systems, including Windows. In April 2011 alone, Microsoft issued 17 security bulletins to "patch" or fix a record 64 vulnerabilities in Windows-based applications, and some of these patches introduced new problems. Most computer users have neither the time nor the inclination to stay current with these patches, let alone other basic necessities such as updating malware protection and analyzing error logs. I specialize in all of this and more, removing the burden from you and freeing your time to be more productive.
  • Troubleshooting & Support
    Even the best computers, peripherals and networks have problems occasionally. Software, hardware, Internet or interoperability, I can solve it.
  • Transfer of Software & Data to a New System
    Computer users frequently want their new or updated system to "look and feel" like their old, familiar system. I understand Windows versions, can find "missing" software installations and data, can help your new system look and perform much like the familiar system, while introducing you to the beneficial new features.
  • System Specification & Installation
    New software, hardware and networking components usually hold some surprises, especially if you're not well versed in making selections. The choices can be overwhelming. I provide well researched quotations for new equipment, or simply qualified recommendations on what will work best for you.
  • Disposal
    Old software, hardware and networking components often contain private information. I destroy the data or the equipment itself. I also donate desensitized old equipment to registered charities for recycling.

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