Network Installation

Implementing a network from planning to completion assures that all components work together well, goals are met and future expansion is possible. I can advise you on network design and install the cabling and jacks for wired networks, access points for wireless networks or a combination to serve your whole area.

Network Maintenance

Just as with workstations and servers, maintenance is critical for networks to run smoothly. I can develop a maintenance schedule and carry out the ongoing maintenance required to maximize your network performance.

Network Security

Surveys show that many routers are either unsecured or poorly secured.
A very serious risk exists that these homes and businesses could have passwords, personal information, financial data and/or identities stolen. Computers on these routers are also at higher risk for becoming infected with viruses and spyware. Tens of millions have lost data due to poorly secured networks. At a minimum, hackers can easily change the settings of vulnerable routers that would disable or divert the Internet and peripheral equipment. At worst, criminal hackers could hijack a computer on the network for illegal activities - without users even knowing.

Your home and office network and computers could be among those at risk.
If they are, I can help secure your router and computers against both the professional hacker and the casual tinkerer. Everyone needs to take precautions against these threats, but not everyone has the technical knowledge or inclination to do so. Even if your network is well secured, your computers may not be, leaving you vulnerable to intrusions and infections.

Please contact me to request a security audit for your business and/or home.


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